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With gender-based violence at a breaking point, South Africans are no longer keeping quiet. The nation is screaming enough is enough! The #Bullsfamily have partnered with a few South African artists to voice in. These include Ren Bester – an amazing artist and long-time friend of the Vodacom Bulls – and student accommodation group, Respublica Student Living.
Bester’s single “ManUp” plays out alongside a video that highlights issues around gender-based abuse and violence.

Shanil Mangaroo, Marketing manager of the BBCo stated, “The #BullsFamily strongly condemns gender-based violence… but let’s be honest, just saying that we condemn it is not nearly enough.”

The video exists to emphasise the importance of talking about these issues and thus encourages its viewers to engage. “We realize that a single video and a few social media posts won’t change the world, but perhaps if we got enough people to make a noise together, we could be heard.”

“This little clip is about breaking the silences and talking about abuse and gender-based violence. The more we talk, the more chances we have of impacting lives.”

We use the term “ManUp” in the broadest sense, not only calling for our men to assist in protecting our woman and kids, but for everybody to step up and be brave. We believe to “ManUp” is to look the situation in the eye and remain honest and accountable.

Use the hashtag #ManUp and share your thoughts, help make some noise and strengthen the nation-wide conversation.

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