Extreme Golf Day - 2021


Loftus Versfeld has always had odd shaped BIG BALLS… and now we are swopping them out for LITTLE ONESJJ!  Welcome to Loftus Extreme GOLF? Your favorite stadium will be turned into an 18-hole golf course! From chipping off the roof top, to smacking a driver in the dressing room… 12, 13 and 14 October. Do you have what it takes to conquer Loftus Extreme Golf?

For further information or to book your fourball contact Eben 082 780 6674 or email eben@sail.co.za

A quick run through the course

  • HOLE 1 (6m) : ProShop, in Loftus Foyer and main reception area. A gentle chip using foam balls.
  • HOLE 2 (15m) :  BrightRock, in the tunnel. A long 15m putt running up the length of the tunnel heading towards the A field
  • HOLE 3 (Dr) :  Puma, in main change room. The opportunity to smack new Cobra driver in the Vodacom Bulls changeroom. Predict your drive distance and win
  • HOLE 4 (20m) :  Loftus Park Piazza. Chip air-balls of a raised deck over the beautiful water fountains… while be spoilt by the tenants.
  • HOLE 5 (17m) :  Loftus Park Grass, Salsa. Chip out of a sand bunker
  • HOLE 6 (30m) : Loftus Park Grass, Isuzu. Play a soft shot of the back of an Isuzu bakkie
  • HOLE 7 (57m) : Macrocom, level 4 North pavilion.
  • HOLE 8 (52m) : World Sports betting, level 4 North West Pavilion
  • HOLE 9 (98m) : Isuzu, Presidential suite, level 4 west pavilion. Stand a chance to win R10 000 with a hole-in-one.
  • HOLE 10 (66m) : GP Consult, South Pavilion roof top.
  • HOLE 11 (70m) : Afgri, D field. Play out the rough
  • HOLE 12 (50m) : Afrgi, D field. Find your way out of a big bunker
  • HOLE 13 (55m) : EV GLOBAL, south east tunnel.
  • HOLE 14 (100m) : SAB, outer stairs East pavilion. The only cross field shot for the day, form the main stadium to the D field.
  • HOLE 15 60m) : SSG, upper level East pavilion
  • HOLE 16 (110m) : Vodacom, upper level east, middle of the iconic daisy. The longest shot for the day
  • HOLE 17 (50m) : Sail, castle corner seats. Beat the pro
  • HOLE 18 (15m) : SIX GUN GRILL, castle corner. Sink the 15m putt and win some great prizes


So, what exactly is Loftus Extreme Golf?

It’s no doubt the coolest and funkiest golf day you gonna play this year. We’ve setup an 18-hole golf course in and around the stadium, built to challenge the serious golfers and give those not so serious a good reason to have a few laughs. From chipping off the roof top, to smacking a driver in the dressing room…

How does it work?

Players will get one shot of the tee decks, and scoring will be awarded using a target system… No putting or accessing the field (you don’t want to be down there putting when others are teeing off

When is it?

The event will be run over 3 days…the 12, 13 and 14 October. Each day will be divided into 3 fields… 9h00, 13h00 and 18h00… When booking your four-ball, just make sure you clearly state the time slot and day you prefer…

NOTE: Players must please arrive 30 minutes prior to tee-off for check in and COVID19 screening.

What's the format?

Easy… no complications, just fun… Fourballs with Shotgun starts. No actual putting either… each hole will be built around target shots from which you will score points.

Who is allowed to play?

Anybody and everybody… you don’t even have to be a real golfer…. You just need to be willing to walk a little (okay more than a little) and be opened to having some serious fun.

Must I bring my own clubs?

You are more than welcome to bring your own clubs, even though we will provide sanitized clubs at each tee box. The shots range from 6m chips and 15m putts, to the longest being 110m… so no need for a full set of clubs. Clubs used will be a putter, lob/sand wedge, pitching wedge and 9 iron.

Do I need to adhere to golf dress code?

Even though we would love to see you in your finest golfing gear… there’s no real need for it. Dress to relax and be casual, anything goes… remember, the evening sessions will be cold (very cold) so dress warm.

Can I win prizes?

Yes, yes and yes! Even though there will be no formal conventional prize giving at the end of the day… there will be some insane prizes at the various holes, including awesome Puma apparel, Cobra golfing gear, and a chance to win R10 000 with a HOLE-IN-ONE

Where do I park?

It is and exclusive day, so you get exclusive parking… use the main entrance on Kirkness street, and park in the VIP area (we will ask the players to move their cars to the cheap parking bays)

Is there food and drinks?

You will receive a light meal at the end of the round, complements of new sponsor SIX GUN GRILL. This will be served at Castle Corner … speaking of Castle Corner, guess what else will be available there…. A fully stocked cash bar. There will also be drinks served at several of the tee-boxes by the companies running promotions.

NOTE: We have also negotiated a discounted rate on BOLT rides for your return home for the evening.

Will all Covid protocols be observed?

Yes, The Blue Bulls company are extremely strict about adhering to all COVID 19 protocols. You will be required to complete a covid questionnaire. We will monitor your temperature on arrival and will apply a strict no mask no play policy. The event is also built to enforce adequate social distancing.