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Name: Caroline Nhlane

Birthday: 10 November 1988

Nickname: King Carol

Secret super power: Inappropriate commentary

Feel good food: Haagen Dasz ice cream

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player: Bulletjie

Q1: How did you get into dancing?

CN: I can’t really remember. I just know that I’ve been dancing since I was in primary school – my friends and I used to put on shows for our classmates during lunch breaks.. from school grandstands to cheering at Loftus Versfeld! ?? What a life!

Q2: What style do you enjoy and are there any styles you struggle with?

CN: I love all different dance styles but Contemporary would for sure be the most challenging. But also the most beautiful to watch.

Q3: Talk us through your training sessions?

CN: We start off with a little catchup (because relationship-building is everything) then we stretch, maybe run through some technical skills before we learn or practice choreography, end of the session in prayer and that’s a wrap!

Q4: What does it mean to you when you dance on Loftus Versfeld?

CN: Personally, I always try to remember the responsibility I have every time I walk onto that field. The responsibility to smile, the responsibility to remember the chorie while I dance my lungs out but also the responsibility I have to a little girl out there that one day wants to be a cheerleader just like me, and that means I need to represent the girls that look like me so they know their dreams and goals are also valid and they CAN get there. This to me is the most important thing, in tandem with cheering on our boys as they play their lungs out of course. Because we’re One team, playing different parts.

Q5: What do you do besides from being a Vodacom Bulls Babe?

CN:  I’m a Professional Whateverneedstobedonner. I work for an incredible company in the renewable energy industry. I also train. I cook. And I read, occasionally.

Q6: Do you believe dance can change the world for the better and if so, why?

CN: I absolutely believe dance and music can change the world [for the better]. Dance is a language that everyone can understand. You only need to have eyes and a beating heart to be able to feel the depth and emotion in a dance and this is a powerful force that can connect people across colour lines, language barriers, beliefs and schools of thought. Dance can breakdown differences in people and unite them alike – this is what changes the world, one move at a time.

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