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GPS Co-ordinates: 25° 45´ 10,67´´ S 28° 13´ 22,07´ E.


Loftus Versfeld Stadium, home of the Blue Bulls rugby union, is located in the historic suburb of Arcadia and is about 5 km from the Pretoria city centre.

The physical address is 440 Kirkness Street, Arcadia and comprises of the stadium and a collection of fields and facilities.

As our valued fans we want you to conserve your energy and use it for good not bad. That is why during our rugby seasons we ensured that you no longer have to propel precious energy into a heated argument over the last available parking lot. Or, have the long wait that follows sitting in your car listening to the ticking of your indicator mimicking the sound of treasured time going by drain your energy any further.  The Loftus Versfeld parking and transport solution aims to eliminate these parking woes from your overall match day experience by offering you the choice of two additional parking lots.


As the well-known cliché goes life is not always about the destination but more so about the journey. By partnering with growing transportation network company, Uber, and making use of their innovative strategies and services, the Loftus Versfeld parking and transport solution aims to deliver on this cliché. Not only is this partnership a solution to the key challenge of parking and traffic related issues at the stadium but is also a means to enhance and improve the experience of our fans and increase your connectivity with the stadium.

  • The service at Loftus Versfeld operates between dedicated drop- off and pick- up areas.
  • On match-days, particularly Test matches, there will be a dedicated drop-off and pick-up zone in Lynnwood Road, south of the stadium. Spectators are encouraged to utilize these services, as there is limited parking available around Loftus. Kirkness Road will be closed off entirely.