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Name: Sjandri Els

Birthday: 20 July 1991

Nickname: Sjangemon

Secret super power: Befriending dogs

Feel good food: Pizza and chocolate

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player: Rosko Specman

Q1: How did you get into dancing?

SE: When I was about 4 years old, I had a dream one night about ballet. I woke up the next morning and told my mom I was going to be a ballerina. She supported that dream by getting me into modern dance classes at the age of 4 and ballet classes at age 6. And I’ve just fallen more in love with dance every day after that.

Q2: What style do you enjoy and are there any styles you struggle with?

SE: I love contemporary and regardless of my skill level I love Hip Hop! ? I am terrible at tap dancing… not for a lack of trying though.

Q3: Talk us through your training sessions?

SE: We have rehearsals two evenings a week, working on basic skills (kicks, turns etc.) and learning new choreography. A part from that, I do strength/weight training at the gym five times a week, as well as stretching sessions, Zumba and other open dance classes I can attend.

Q4: What does it mean to you when you dance on Loftus Versfeld?

SE: It is a feeling you cannot describe to anyone and I am not quite sure I can put it into words. When I was 12 we went to go watch a Bulls vs Crusaders game, and I’ve been a Vulls fan since then. I later told my family that being a Bulls Babe on that field has become part of my dream. Having that become a reality is something I am forever grateful for. The girls that have become sisters, the Bulls that have become family, the feeling and the unity as we go out onto that field, the organisations we get to be a part of (like CHOC Charity) and all the wonderful people that we get to meet doing what we do is beyond amazing… I am blessed.

Q5: What do you do besides from being a Vodacom Bulls Babe?

SE: I am a full time dancer and I choreograph school revues/productions.

Q6: Do you believe dance can change the world for the better and if so, why?

Yes, yes and definitely yes! Dance is a form of self expression, it motivates discipline, it boosts confidence, it helps on a health and fitness level and I believe it brings forth joy, to the both the performer and the audience. It has a way of connecting people and inspiring unity amongst people. Dance can mean something different to every person out there, but it somehow still creates common ground.

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