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After an epic restart of rugby at Vodacom Super Fan Saturday, it’s time to welcome the start of a whole new era in our beloved game.

Vodacom Super Rugby Unlocked is the evolution of South African rugby, and it promises to be equally epic.

There is definitely a sense of nostalgia for any rugby fan as we bid farewell to Vodacom Super Rugby, a competition that has entertained us for decades and which has helped to usher in some of the most exciting talent in world rugby.

Over the next six weeks, Vodacom will be looking back at 25 years of Vodacom Super Rugby history as we bring you stories, memories and highlights from South African rugby legends, our young stars, and even the fans, in a passionate showcase of what one of world rugby’s most iconic competitions has meant in the hearts and souls of everyone involved in South African rugby.

Vodacom Super Rugby has been close to all of our hearts, and Vodacom promises to give it the send-off the fans deserve to see.

And while we say goodbye to one era, we’ll be embracing something new.

After months of lockdown, it’s time to unlock this beautiful game once again.

Vodacom Super Rugby Unlocked is a time for the players to unlock their talent, for the fans to unlock their passion, and for the game of South African rugby to unlock its true potential.

Vodacom Super Rugby is Unlocked…and loaded with explosive action.

Follow the action using #SuperRugbyUnlocked

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