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Name: Reze-Tiana Wessels

Birthday: 9 May 1997

Nickname: Reze

Secret super power: I have psychic abilities.

Feel good food: Anything Italian, so I love pizza and pasta.

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player: Ivan van Zyl

Q1: How did you get into dancing?

RW: My mom used to be a dancer and would dress me up in ballet gear when I was two. She taught me a few ballet moves and I just fell in love. When I was three, my mom sent me to a ballet teacher where my love for dance grew.

Q2: What style do you enjoy and are there any styles you struggle with?

RW: I’ve danced so many styles and every genre of dance has something magical to it. I enjoyed all the dance styles I’m trained in. From classical dancing such as Ballet and Modern to traditional dancing such as Irish dancing and Latin. One dancing style I struggle with would be Hip Hop. I have so much respect for those dancers. The way they move their bodies while looking good doing it is an art form which I’m still trying to understand.

Q3: Talk us through your training sessions?

RW: Usually when we get to training we do a really good warm up while we also catch up on everyone’s day. After our bodies are warm and ready to dance we work on some technique and this would usually consist of jumps, kicks and turns. After that we go straight into our dance routine. We’ll do the dance over and over again until it’s drilled into our bodies. It’s a proper HITT workout. Also I can do the dance in my sleep. Even though we’ve done the dance a million times we’re always striving to learn and improve our dance skills. We usually do a cool down stretch and have our last few chats and pray before we all go home.

Q4: What does it mean to you when you dance on Loftus Versfeld?

RW: It’s like a dream come true. As a little girl I always saw the girls dance before a rugby game. I remember telling my dad at one of these games that I’m also going to be on that field one day. Well I guess that little girl’s dream definitely came true and I am so grateful and humbled by this amazing opportunity. When I’m on the field I just think back on all the hard work I had to put in to get here, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Q5: What do you do besides from being a Vodacom Bulls Babe?

RW: I’m an actress. I studied for three years in Film and Theatre. You’ll usually find me with a script in hand running lines and acting things out. I also train and prep students in drama, especially Matric drama students working on their final performance exams. I’m also a dance teacher and choreographer as well as a wedding dance choreographer. If I’m not dancing, I’m acting.

Q6: Do you believe dance can change the world for the better and if so, why?

RW: Definitely! Dance is a way of expression. It doesn’t matter how horrible you feel but after a really good dance lesson one feels energized and happy. Dance doesn’t have to be competitive, for most people it’s therapeutic. Dance teaches one discipline, focus and teamwork. It boosts our positive morale!

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