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Name: Sharné Smit

Birthday: 11 August 1999

Nickname: Ney

Secret super power: Telepathy/mind control

Feel good food: Anything chocolate flavoured

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player: Rosko Specman

Q1: How did you get into dancing?

SS: Dancing was ALWAYS part of me as I believe dancing gives me that opportunity to express my emotions and feelings in such a way nothing else could compare to. Dancing is the joy of movement and the heart of life.

I started acrobatics at the age of 4 years when I lived in Mpumalanga and when we moved to Gauteng at the age of 9, I started doing Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop at CDW School of Dance.

I started taking ballet classes when I was 14 years old at Southdowns Dance Academy, which was a bit too late, but I did make the most out of it.

I encourage every dancer and non-dancer out there that it is never too late to start doing what you’re meant to be doing and what your passion is as dancing enables you to find yourself and to forget your troubles.

Q2: What style do you enjoy and are there any styles you struggle with?

SS: I must say I enjoy doing contemporary dance the most as this style enables me to flow and to be more abstract and compliments my style of dancing to just be myself in the end.

On the other side I am really struggling to get the groove and style of Hip Hop into my body as I feel I always look like some sort of chicken doing it and one style of dancing that I have never tried is Tap and I would really like to learn it.

Q3: Talk us through your training sessions?

SS: I usually train by myself in the late afternoons outside as I enjoy the fresh air and nature that surrounds me. I usually start off with a yoga routine to focus my mind which also includes some slow stretches and spine rolls, combining it with holding my splits as I always want to push myself to be more flexible and able to do more.

Afterwards I focus on some stomach exercises together with lunges and squads to become a stronger dancer together with the flexibility. I then finish of my routine by doing some jumps, kicks and attempting the donolovo (side aerial).

In the studio with the other girls we train much harder and sweat more as we have a phenomenal coach and dance mentor, Nicola, who pushes us to our limits each time.

Q4: What does it mean to you when you dance on Loftus Versfeld?

SS: Dancing at Loftus Versfeld means the world to me as I wanted to be one of the dancers for the Vodacom Blue Bulls and now I am one of them and still sometimes it feels unreal for me, but so true and meant to be.

The feeling afterwards is a feeling and emotion that I cannot explain as it consist of a ton of excitement, good anxiety, teamwork and power.

Also the way how we as the Vodacom Bulls Babes dances together and encourage each other is out of this world and so pure.

Q5: What do you do besides from being a Vodacom Bulls Babe?

SS: I am studying a degree in Strategic Brand Communication online at Vega University as it also then allows me to do more with my time at hand. I am working as an Au Pair and dancing.

I am very committed and hardworking to what I put my heart to and would absolutely love to open my own dance school one day.

Q6: Do you believe dance can change the world for the better and if so, why?

SS: I truly believe that dance can change the world for the better. Dance is not only a language that we all understand but also a form of expression which allows the people of the world to freely let out any negative emotion and feeling and to transmit it to something positive through the body and the soul, and through dancing most importantly.

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