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Name: Chanè Labuscagne

Birthday: 19 May 1999

Nickname: Neia/Neitjie

Secret super power: I love baking!

Feel good food: Burger and chips

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player: Ivan van Zyl

Q1: How did you get into dancing?

CL: I started dancing when I was 3 years old. My parents took me to an acrobatics dance class and since then I’ve never looked back.

Q2: What style do you enjoy and are there any styles you struggle with?

CL: My personal favourite dance style would be jazz, I love the energy and “sassiness” that goes with it! Regarding the styles I struggle with… Ask me to do any dance form and I will master it in a way, but don’t ask me to throw some tap moves. I can’t tap at all!

Q3: Talk us through your training sessions?

CL: I would usually do something to get my heart rate up, like running/ galloping around the room or I would do a ballet barre warmup. Then I would stretch and start training/ working on choreography or a solo dance piece. Afterwards I usually like to do a few extra stretches just to make sure that my body won’t be too sore the next day.

Q4: What does it mean to you when you dance on Loftus Versfeld?

For me to dance as a Vodacom Bulls Babe means so much more than to just entertain people. To me it means to walk out on that field as a team and family. To enjoy my God given talent. To give back and serve others with the blessing I received. My heart is also to inspire, motivate and give hope to little girls or anyone with a dream to dance!

Q5: What do you do besides from being a Vodacom Bulls Babe?

CL: I am currently in the process of becoming a dance teacher in certain dance forms. I am also doing part time studying through Unisa to become an Intermediate Phase Teacher.

Q6: Do you believe dance can change the world for the better and if so, why?

CL: I most certainly do believe dance is a very powerful instrument to bring forth change. Not only does it take less fortunate people off the streets and away from any abuse or drugs but also brings forth psychological healing. Dancing helps to get rid of any negative emotions through the expression and movement of the body. Personally, dancing also taught me a lot of discipline throughout my life. Dancing is also a good way of looking after your body whilst enjoying it with some great friends! And lastly, dancing can be used to tell a story or display very important messages through to the world.

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